Spending Cal’s 4th of July at Lake Minnetonka

I am a Mom in my late 20’s trying to navigate through motherhood, marriage and a full-time job in corporate real estate.  I was born and raised and currently live in the great state of Minnesota and am thrilled to share all that MN has to offer to our young son Calvin!

I am a wife to my funny, sarcastic husband Nick who makes me laugh every single day.  He is a supportive and loving Daddy and husband and despite his utter lack of cooking skills, I can’t imagine my life without him.

I became a first time Mama in January to our son Calvin “Cal” James.  From the moment I held him I knew my life had changed forever.  My heart grew exponentially larger and I knew then and there what unconditional love was.

A lot has changed for our family in the last year and I’m hoping this blog will help me to recognize and share the simple adventures and challenges that life brings.   In my pre-baby life I NEVER would have considered writing a blog but I’ve learned you do a lot of things for your kids (like discuss, handle, analyze and clean up poop, lots of it).  I do not intend to have any followers but rather hope this blog will help to document the special (and probably not so special) moments we experience together as a young family.  I hope to one day share this “journal” with Cal but recognize that he is a boy and he may not have interest in pursuing his babyhood until he is in his late 30’s.

There are a few other purposes this blog may serve.  1.) Channeling my inner Giada.  I admire her energy and spunk and think her recipes are pretty tasty too!   I became a little obsessed with her over my maternity leave when there wasn’t much to do at the house with a newborn in the dead of  MN winter.  I like to cook and I hope to post same of our tasty family meals here.   2.) The blog is also a motivation for me to test out my steal of a deal camera I recently purchased off of Craigslist….bare with me while I attempt to hone my photography skills (don’t know if we can call them skills).  3.) Other topics you may find here?  Fun family adventures in Minneapolis and St. Paul, lake living at the cabin, homemade baby food recipes, trials and tribulations of a property manager, attempts to get into pre-baby shape, and everything that comes with raising a sweet, smiley baby boy!