After some consideration I realized that since Cal was born in mid-January, Nick and I have been on a total of FOUR dates.  Yes, we’ve been to a few weddings and a double date and have had friends over but when it comes to one on one time I think we are severely lacking!

As much as I love the dates (though few and far between) I have a really hard time being away from Calvin during the week and weekend unless I have to be.  Cal is at daycare Monday through Friday between 8:15-8:45 in the morning and he is usually picked up between 4:45 and 5:30 p.m.  Don’t get me wrong, I beyond LOVE our daycare (more on that later) but I really wish I could spend more time with him during the week.  If I start to think about all of the little things I miss during the course of the day….well I can’t…its waterworks!  Not to mention that my energy level at the end of the day is pathetic.  Our sweet little baby boy by day is a total sleep terrorist by night (also more on that later).  I must admit I sometimes try to find excuses to not go out, to lounge around on weeknights.  There’s nothing better than to put on some comfy clothes, take Cal for a walk and veg out a little bit after he goes down to sleep after a long day.

Tonight there were too many reasons not to go out. Nick and I hadn’t had a date in a really long time, my parents (hereby known as Meecie and Papa J) had offered to hang with Cal for the evening and we had a gift certificate for BLVD. in Minnetonka.    I wearily made my way to the car (sans makeup or energy) and hoped my husband didn’t mistake my lack of enthusiasm for our night out as anything but sleep deprivation.

We went to dinner, I had two adult beverages,  I had nummy food and a chance to reconnect with my husband.  Of course we talked about the baby the majority of the night but we were doing something for ourselves nonetheless.  Despite my exhaustion I had a great time and was able to recharge.  I think one of the best gifts I can give my son is a healthy, stable, loving relationship with his father.  I hope that I can more easily recognize that while it is tough to break away from Cal for a night, breaking away for that important “Mommy & Daddy time” is probably equally as beneficial to Calvin in the long run.  Plus is there anything that makes you count your blessings more than coming home to kiss your sleeping baby?  I don’t think so.

What’s left of my delicious sweet potato fries with peanut aoili.

My handsome date!