Calvin, through your eyes everything is new again!

It was a beautiful fall day on Sunday so we headed out to the apple orchard for some good ol’ fashion family fun.  Cal was excited to be visiting Minnetonka Orchards for the first time and was wide-eyed with all there was to see and do.  Some of the highlights of his day included watching all of the tractors go by, visiting the baby calf and sheep, seeing all of the bigger kids run around (next year Calvin…) and eating lunch with Mom and Dad while listening to the live music.

Calvin couldn’t be bothered to pose, too much going on.

“Mom….we’ll get to the apple donuts soon enough.”

The last of the summer sweet corn.

Nick enjoying a cider brat, Cal enjoying a cold beverage.

I’ve seen enough here.

After an afternoon nap it was time for a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes and beets.  I would like to mention that as horrible of a sleeper Calvin is, he sure is a good eater.  He’s tried LOTS of different foods and we haven’t found anything he doesn’t like.  As a foodie myself I’m really hoping this is an ongoing trend!

More beets please!

Last but certainly not least was bath time!  This has become one of Cal’s favorite activities and I’m pretty sure it’s because he ends up dousing his parents in water.  He splashes non-stop from the time he gets in until his little toes are like prunes and there is barely any water or toys left in the tub.  Complicating  bath time is Cal’s desire to pull himself up on the ledge of the bathtub, the faucet, and the shower curtain.  This boy likes to move whether on land or in water!

Look it that happy face!


We had quite the day, that’s all for now folks!