We are attending our special friends’ wedding this weekend (Mazel, Katy & Colin) which means we need a babysitter for Cal.  My cousin Kelly and her son Riley have kindly taken on the challenge (gracias)!  I asked Nick to put together a “rough schedule” for Kelly to follow for Cal.  This is what I got:



2PM:                     Your journey begins.  Calvin takes 2 naps each day but by 2pm, if he isn’t already sleeping when you arrive, he should be done napping for the day.  That means plenty of playtime is in your future.

Activities that may be enjoyable for all parties are as follows:

1.)    Going for a walk around the neighborhood or on Cedar Lake Trail.  Cal loves being outside since there is so much to look at.

2.)    Sitting in our yard on a blanket with some toys.  Again Cal loves just being outside.  You’ll need to ensure he doesn’t eat leaves, a favorite treat for him.

3.)    Peek a Boo.  Loves it.

4.)    He has several hundred toys so when in doubt you can just hang with him on his play mat.

5.)    Cal is banned from the area around the fireplace.  He loves trying to sneak by our defenses to touch said fireplace.  He is sneaky and stealthy as he’s mastered the army crawl.  Be on guard.

3PM – 4PM:       A bottle or snack is usually due around this time period.  Milk and a snack will be provided by Cal’s personal chef.

5:30PM – 6PM: DINNER!!!  Again, Cal’s personal chef will already have his meal all ready to go.  All you’ll need to do is sit him in his high chair and commence feeding.  If some small amount of prep work is needed on your part, feel free to keep Cal busy by setting some “Puffs” on the table of his high chair.  He is currently just learning to feed himself small bits of food and Puffs.

6PM:                     Pajamas.

6:30PM – 7PM: Story time in Cal’s room with only his lamp on for light and his white noise machine on in the background.

7PM – 7:30PM: Final bottle feeding and then bed time!

Thanks for making me smile!  I hope Cal gets your sense of humor!