The weekend of September 29th was finally here!  We had been waiting for nearly a year to celebrate the wedding of Katy Mulvehill and Colin Mulcahy and boy was it worth the wait!  We were blessed with a beautiful fall weekend to start the festivities on Thursday night-those Mulvehills sure like to party!  By the time Saturday came around we were all anxious to celebrate the actual Irish themed wedding!  I was personally extra excited to have a date night with Nick and have a chance to see many good friends from high school who were coming to town for the wedding.

Date Night at the Mulvehill/Mulcahy Wedding

The gorgeous Mr. and Mrs. Mulcahy- photo courtesy of Kathleen Waddell

My cousin Kelly was kind enough to lend us her entire day and evening to babysit Cal.  When I called in to check on Calvin, Kelly told me how she was getting lots of slobbery kisses from Cal- a sure sign Cal was loving her up!  Kelly snapped a few photos of the fun they were having while we were out and about and his smiley faces assured me that he was having a heck of a time with without Mom and Dad.

Cal making his way down the slide.

Nice product placement Kelly!

Good times with Cousin Kelly.

Thanks again Kelly!