Calvin has been attending the Sabes Jewish Community Center’s Early Childhood Center (what a mouthful) for about 6 months now.  Continuing to work full-time has been a very tough decision and not a day goes by when I don’t feel a tinge of guilt or saddness because I’m not home with my little guy.  The good news is that we found the ECC at the J and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to send him there.

We have become very fond of all of Calvin’s teachers.  They are amazing people who being their own special uniquness to Cal’s life.  They are some of the most selfless people I’ve met and I literally trust them with my life (aka Calvin James).  We searched 6 other daycares and nothing compared to the program at the JCC.  It was clear that the staff LOVES these babies.

Last Friday was a very bittersweet day for all of us Trevenas.  One of Cal’s teachers, Shay was moving on to a new job opportunity.  While we were so excited for Shay’s new adventures doing something she truly was called to do, we were so sad to see her go.  Shay is an amazingly creative person and shared that artistic creativity with all the babies.

Shay and Calvin making art!

Whenever I called to check up on Cal during the day and Shay would answer and say, “how is your day?”  I always thought it was so sweet that despite Shay having 10-16 babies with a variety of needs being vocalized in the background she took the time to ask about my day.  We are going to miss hearing about Shay’s fun adventures in her day to day life but like she said, “at least we are facebook friends.”  🙂

Thank you for loving our son  every single day and being such a special part of all of our lives!

Calvin & Shay


Since fall is Shay’s favorite season we had a fall themed celebration to send her off properly on her last day, here are a few photos:

Pumpkin Cookies Cal helped me make for Shay.


Fall Goodies

Cal’s ROCKSTAR Teachers. We LOVE you Shay & Amy!

Ahavah Infant Room Staff.
Simply the best!