The cooler temperatures over the last few weeks have made us start to think about what our winter will consist of with a curious little boy who is always on the go!  Cal is a classic boy and always likes to be in motion.  I miss the days when I could cuddle with him on my chest.  A cuddle is vary rare around these parts and I have been known to literally shout “CHERISH THE MOMENT”….when I see Cal going in for a snuggle on his Dad and before we know it, it’s gone but so sweet while it lasted.

Each day brings with it new exploration opportunities for Cal.  Opening drawers, slamming doors, climbing up tables, standing up on chairs are all exciting adventures in the world of Cal.  There is only so much baby-proofed exploring we can allow in our little house.  Our “go-to” this summer and fall has been to take curious Cal to the out of doors where he is mesmerized by all things in nature.   Our walks have always proved to have a calming effect on Cal and if left to his own devices I’m certain he would always choose to be outside.  While we are able to continue our daily walks they have shortened a bit and we are playing less and less outside.  While we are going to try to make it outside on many days this winter (bundled up of course), we know we are going to need to find some activities to allow our little man to burn off his abundance of energy!

Nick and I had heard about the Tumble Room at The JCC through our membership.  I wasn’t really sure what the Tumble Room consisted of or if it would be age appropriate.  For the hour we were there, we had the place to ourselves and Cal had a heck of a time crawling over the obstacles, playing hide and seek with Mom and Dad and talking his first assisted steps walking!  Other than the small remnant of brown squishy substance we found on the floor near the mats, we give the Tumble Room a thumbs up!

Dad takes a spill.

Sunday was a relaxing day with friends and family though it started pretty early.  Cal wasn’t interested in enjoying the extra hour of sleep daylight savings brought which meant we were up at 5:40 a.m.  Cal loves his lazy weekend breakfasts and was super excited to try a little of Mom’s green smoothie- which he loved-of course- because it’s edible.

More please!

I headed out to meet the MN gals (sans Moraghan) for brunch.  I love getting together with these ladies.  It’s so much fun to get caught up on all of our lives and LAUGH.  Shannon just got an amazing job at General Mills, Katy just returned home from Bora Bora after her fabulous wedding, Becca is seeing a new man and has an outstanding career, and I, well, I’ve been crafting during Cal’s naps….  Not the most thrilling update but I wouldn’t change it for the world.  I love being a Mama more than ANYTHING in the whole wide world and I feel fortunate to have family and friends who are so supportive.

We ended Sunday night with my family coming over for a quick impromptu dinner.  After four out of five of us tried to get him down for bedtime it was obvious that he wasn’t having it.  The look on his face after he had been “sprung” was priceless.

Somebody just wanted to be part of all the action.

All and all, another great weekend!  We are looking forward to our winter adventures that get us out of the house as you continue to MOVE Calvin!