This post is pretty overdue-my apologies!  A few weeks ago we were lucky to spend a long Thanksgiving weekend at my parents.  We don’t get out for real vacations often so heading out to Excelsior is like a mini “staycation.”  It’s always pretty relaxing and we certainly appreciate the extra set of hands to help with Calvin.

Calvin and I headed out to my parents on Wednesday morning to help my Mom get ready and get an early start to the vacation.  When looking back through the photos from Thanksgiving I realize I have very little to share other than the photos leading up the big feast!  I must have been focused on the food…..

While my Dad was running errands I asked him to pickup some fingerpaint from Target so Cal and I could make turkey handprints.  Along with the fingerpaint came toys….lots of them.  Calvin has it good as the first Grandchild!  I’m hoping to convince my Dad to re-wrap these gifts as Christmas presents.


Partially completed turkey hands.

Partially completed turkey hands.


The weather on Thursday morning was delightful and we took full advantage of it!  Cal took walks with the pups:


The boys played football:


Nick learned how to prepare a turkey:


and we even managed to get some nice family photos:


Unfortunately I have no pictures of Calvin stuffing his face with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, red cabbage, pumpkin muffins, etc…. but that’s just what he did!  The day was very low-key and was filled with family, food, games and laughs.  We are so grateful for all of our blessings this year.  My Mama heart just bursts when I think of how lucky I am to have a healthy happy boy and such a supportive and loving husband among many other gifts.

One more thing before I checkout here…

Mom- I don’t know how many photos of the table settings you have asked me to take over the years.  Many, many requests and many, many photos that take up space on my hard drive.  So here it is- a photo of the table-soon to be deleted from my hard drive now that it’s been presented on a public forum.