I can’t believe how far behind I am with these posts!  As magical and wonderful as the Holidays can be they can also be a huge time suck!  Other than budget season, year end is also my busiest time at work so here I am three weeks behind with my Christmas posts.

Leading up to Christmas we had a very special evening with the Murphy and the Jetland family making Candy!  Candy is capitalized because it is THAT special in our family.  My Grandparents were known around Grand Rapids for making this delicious treat and it was a staple at many Grand Rapids hockey games.  Legend has it that Papa J sold this stuff for $0.25 a piece back in Junior High!  The aroma of the candy takes me back to my childhood, especially around Christmas and always makes me think of my very special Grandpa Harold.

I will never forget the last day I saw my Grandpa, he had been very ill for many months and I was lucky to spend time with him on his last “good day.”  It was a Thursday and we had driven up to Grand Rapids to spend the day with him.  He was walking and talking a little which was a miracle given his condition previously in the week.  While we sat and ate lunch he was entranced, looking out the window at the snow-fallen February landscape.  We thought maybe he had spotted a deer or some wildlife but there was none to be seen.  We could barely pull his attention or gaze from that window.  I think he was looking at loved ones who had gone before him.   His daughter, his stepson, brothers, sisters, friends, his parents, Grandma Mickey.  All the while he was transitioning into the next life, seeing angels no doubt, his right hand carefully held a napkin which was covering up a little bag of his most favorite candy.  A little piece of the present world he wasn’t quite ready to give up just yet.  As we left lunch that day his older sister and my Great Aunt (age 98 at the time) said to me, “he’s ready to go home.”  Grandpa Harold went home that Sunday and his candy was passed out to everyone at his funeral.  I know he would have been pleased.

It’s no wonder I love making this candy and thinking about my Grandpa Harold!


Jan and Quinn adding the sugar...lots of sugar.

Jan and Quinn adding the sugar…lots of sugar.

Pouring the first batch.  The best aroma!

Pouring the first batch. The best aroma!

The tricky part.

The tricky part.

Jerry and Jeanette taking it all in.

Jerry and Jeanette taking it all in. Jerry is Grandpa Harold’s younger brother.

Cousin Paige and Cal.

Cal loves his cousin Paige!

Jetland Elves

Jetland/Murphy elves hard at work.



Beautiful and delicious. 

We can’t wait for candy making night 2013!