I can’t believe that Calvin is one! In preparation for his party I was going through all of our photos and couldn’t believe a).  how many unprinted photos of him I have (bad Mom) and b). how amazingly fast this little baby has changed and grown up. I often find myself thinking about the future and how much fun it will be when Cal can do …XYZ.. when he’s walking or when we aren’t tied down to two naps, etc… Looking back at the pictures reminds me to live in the present, enjoying him in the here and now. Each baby stage is so fleeting and I want to do a better job of recognizing the wonderful moments in each day and try not to fast forward to the next milestone.

It seems just like yesterday when Cal first started giggling, taking his first bites of solid food and sitting up on his own. I wished weeks and months away in hopes that he would finally give us all a good stretch of sleep. Cal now sleeps for a good 5-6 hour period of time and only gets up once. He’s babbling up a storm, trekking up the stairs 15 times a day and cruising on the cupboards, furniture, anything that’s his height.

Calvin doesn’t seem to have any interest in taking his own independent first steps. He loves his walker for short periods of time and every once in a while will take a few steps holding our hands but that’s not very often. I’m making a conscious effort not to wish away the crawling or the cruising. One of my favorite parts of the day is when I pick Calvin up from daycare. When I walk in and he spots me from across the room he makes an absolute beeline to me, crawling as fast as those little arms and legs can take him with a huge smile on his face. If someone were to watch the security footage at our daycare they would literally see me running to the door each day because I can’t wait to see that furious little crawl!

I’m so proud of the little boy Calvin has become and can’t even begin to express how much joy he brings to our life each and every day. Calvin, I hope you always know that I could move mountains with the love I have for you!

It’s been a big first year in the life of Calvin James! Here were some of the highlights:

Your Actual Birth Day:


Visiting Al Pal & Grammy in Florida with family at 7 weeks:


Attending your first hockey game at ten weeks-Benilde St. Margaret’s in their run to a State Championship:


Starting daycare at the Jewish Community Center and meeting new friends at 3 months:

010 (5)

Your first trip to Gull Lake, a very special place I hope you love for life:


Pool time at the Arndt’s in the summer sun:


Your first 4th of July parade:


Your first trip to the Great Minnesota Get-Together:

032 (2)

Fall walks with Mom & Dad:


Visiting pumpkin patches:


Starting Christmas Eve traditions:


Now for your actual first birthday celebration we hosted a Winter ONEderland themed party.   It was SNOW much fun to celebrate your first year of life with friends and family and you entertained the crowd by tackling of your first cupcake!  Poor Daddy was holed away upstairs due to the stomach flu and missed your party but he did sneak down to watch you eat your first cupcake.

IMG_3724 IMG_3723 IMG_3720 IMG_3717 IMG_3716 IMG_3711

Here are a few more of the party detail pictures:

IMG_3665 IMG_3664 IMG_3663 IMG_3662 IMG_3661 IMG_3658 IMG_3657 IMG_3654

And some friends and family who made your party extra special:

IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3676 IMG_3725 IMG_3728IMG_3733

Last but not least I had the party-goers fill out  “Wishes for Calvin.”  Cousin Riley’s was my favorite, remember how important math facts are Cal!


Thank you to all of those who helped us celebrate Cavin’s first year of life.  “It takes a village” and we all feel your love and support in helping to raise Cal.  We are looking forward to the adventures the second year of Calvin’s life will bring!