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Hello World!  We’re finally back into this blogging thing-a-ma-jig after a very long winter & spring!  I’m anxious to tell you what we’ve been up to these last few months but first and foremost I have to acknowledge the passing of someone special in our lives.  Nick’s Grandmother Carol Trevena passed away a few weeks ago.  Carol may or may not have been one of the only people to read this blog and I know it brought her a lot of joy.  She loved her Grandson Nick and her Great-Grandson Calvin equally as much even if she only met him twice.  We will miss sweet Grandma Carol’s kind words and big heart.

So what have we been up to these many months?  I tried to think of a few highlights so here is a top ten list in no particular order:

1.) We watched it snow, and thaw a little, and snow, and snow, and be cold and cloudy and windy and then snow again.  Calvin has been very anxious for summer to finally roll around.  He really started taking off and walking on his own around 13 months and he hasn’t slowed down since.  We are loving the outdoors and Calvin’s mobility!

Snow melt!  Little did Cal know the snow would stick around for almost another three months.

Snow melt! Little did Cal know the snow would stick around for almost another three months.

2.) We sold our sweet little house in St. Louis Park.  I still get very emotional when I think about the house that Calvin came home to.  We had so many memories in that house and I’m still mourning the convenience of St. Louis Park!  We are loving our new house in Chanhassen and know we will have many great memories to come in that house too!


3.) Calvin started to grow some hair.  He rocked a pretty sweet mullet/rat tail for a few months before he finally got his first haircut in June.



3.) We fed a giraffe!  We love going to the Naples Zoo when we are visiting Grammy and Al-Pal in Florida and the latest exhibit is the giraffes.  For a pretty penny you can even feed them a few romaine leaves!


5.) While in Florida Calvin was able to really dig his toes into the sand (and proceed to put the sand in his mouth)!  Calvin visited Grammy and Al-Pal when he was just a few weeks old but we loved this recent trip to Florida because Calvin was so cognizant of his new surroundings.  Green grass, the smell of salt in the air, colorful flowers, warm sand-Cal was so curious and took it all in.




6.) In order to keep up with his growing body Calvin explored new foods!  While Calvin still struggles to sleep through the night he doesn’t put up too much of a fuss when it comes to food.  At Easter brunch Calvin’s intake rivaled the rest of the family.  No mimosas for him- just to be clear.


7.) Loving the park across the street!  One of the perks of our new house is the park that’s right across the cul-de-sac.  Calvin ventures to the park on a daily basis.  Some days it’s literally the first thing he wants to do.  Heaven forbid Mom or Dad get a chance to get a cup of coffee in first.  The photo below was taken on a Saturday morning at about 6:45 a.m.  Christmas jammies in May and all.


8.) Calvin hit a major milestone in May when he moved from the infant room up to the toddler room at school!  The kiddos don’t sleep in cribs after the infant room but sleep on cots and are essentially free to roam as they please (sort of).  I was convinced Calvin wouldn’t nap at all unless he was confined to a crib.  To my pleasant surprise, Calvin goes down like a little champ and naps for at least two hours everyday.  Calvin also gets to go swimming, have art time and music class once each week.  I am so thankfull for our childcare at the Jewish Community Center!  They are the best!



9.) Calvin loves to read!  He takes a book off the shelf, finds the nearest reader and scoots his little but into their lap and is all eyes and ears.


10.) What books does Calvin love to read?  Books about transportation of course!  Choo- choo, zoooooooom, brrrrrrum, honk- honk, ding-ding are all a part of our daily vocabulary.   We can’t drive past a boat on a trailer or go by a truck without the “brrrrrooomm” noise coming from the backseat.  Why are boys so interested in vehicles?  I’m sure there are girls out there that are super into bulldozers as well (more power to ya sisters) but it screams boy to me.


You are growing up so quickly Calvi (as we like to call you).  You do something every single day that astonishes me.  You also do something every other day that makes me want to scream (like wiggle like a mad man during your diaper changes and inevitably slam your foot into your dirty diaper).  I will take the good with the messy poop foot as long as it always means I get to be your Mama.